By car from the 401 Highway and Don Valley Parkway: Take the Bayview/Bloor exit from the Don Valley Parkway
South, follow Bloor and turn left at first set of lights onto Danforth Ave.  Bloor St. E. becomes Danforth Ave. as soon
as you cross the Bloor St. Viaduct (bridge over highway you just exited.)   

From/toToronto Pearson International Airport:  Pearson International Airport is northwest of the city - approx. 15
km. from downtown Toronto.  

1.  A taxi/cab ride, even without heavy traffic, will cost approx. $60-70 (CAD).  Ask the driver, before your trip, for a
flat rate to the Broadview & Danforth area.

2.  Uber can also be contacted.

3.  There is also an express bus (192 Rocket) that operates between the Airport and Kipling subway station. Coming
from the airport to Arilex Apartments, once at the Kipling subway station, you take the eastbound subway (you have
no choice as Kipling is the end of the east-west line) and you travel directly to Broadview subway station. It is a
straight line, but will take about 30 minutes once on the subway. Once at Broadview subway station, you take the
100 Flemingdon bus a
couple of streets north if staying at the Broadview location of Arilex Apartments, or a few
streets north, if staying at the Gamble Ave. location. If staying at the Cambridge Ave. location, you can easily walk
from the Broadview subway station.  The trip from the airport to your apt. will only be $3.25 CAD if you take the bus -
subway & bus. It sounds like a lot, but it is really very direct.

4.  Lastly, there is a new train (called the UP -
Union-to-Pearson Express) to/from Pearson Airport to Union subway
station in downtown Toronto. The cost of a one-way trip is $12.35.  This train isn't really convenient for people
needing to commute to the Broadview/Danforth area as the train takes you further south (Union St.) than you need
to go and then you need to come north again by subway.  You can exit the UP train at Bloor St., but the connection
to the subway is not a smooth one.  You need to leave the UP station, go outside, walk for 5 minutes and then enter
the subway - and so, pay more than 4 times what it would cost you using option 3 discussed above (as you need to
pay again when you get on the subway).  By taking the 192 Rocket mentioned above, then the subway and then a
short connecting bus ride right to any of the apartments, it will cost you only $3.25.  Both options 3 & 4 are much less
costly than a taxi, but less convenient.

(A) Cambridge Ave. 1 basement bachelor apt. - 3 min. walk to the Broadview subway station
(B) Broadview & Chester Hill Rd.. 3 bachelor apts - 10 min. walk to the Broadview subway
(C) Broadview & Gamble Ave. 2 bachelor apts., which each accommodate only one person (single
bed only) and several one bedroom apts.  A 5 min. bus ride to the Broadview subway.  

The University of Toronto covers the rose-colour shaded area on the above map. Many students
bike or use the subway (St. George subway station).

Along University Avenue, are the
Toronto General Hospital, Mt. Sinai Hospital, Sick Children's
and the Princess Margaret Cancer Care Center. The 505 streetcar accessible from the
Broadview subway station takes you along Dundas St. W. and a short walk from the hospital at the
Dundas/University Ave. streetcar stop.  If you don't mind transferring subway lines, you get on the
westbound subway at Broadview station, get off at St. George station and travel southbound to
Queen's Park station to reach any of the hospitals mentioned above.  If you are travelling to
Michael's Hospital
, you get off the westbound train at Yonge station (at Bloor St.) and travel south to
Queen station.  You are then just a short walk (east) to this hospital.  

Toronto Eaton Center is only 1 streetcar (#505 - Dundas) ride from the Broadview subway (exit
at Yonge & Dundas Sts.) You can also take the subway from Broadview station, but you need to
transfer trains southbound at the Yonge/Bloor transfer point and then get off at Dundas or Queen
subway station.  (The Dundas station is at the north end of the Eaton Centre and Queen station is at
the south end of this shopping mall.  The Bay department store is a little closer to Arilex Apartment
residents.  It is located at the Yonge/Bloor transfer station.  You don't need to go southbound.

The 504 King streetcar from the Broadview subway station takes you to the
financial district.
Detailed Map of Arilex Apt. Locations  
Overview Map of Arilex Apartment Locations
Broadview Subway
For more route, fare and other info. on the city's public transportation
system, refer to the website of UP Express or the Toronto Transit
Commission (TTC) for subway, bus and streetcar info.
to Bloor St. & U of T (5
subway stations from
Broadview stn.)
There is no parking available at apartments at any of Arilex Apartments.  
You can obtain a temporary parking permit to park overnight on city
streets from the City of Toronto.